Antelope Valley Sports and Health Camp

Our Antelope Valley Sports and Health Camp project is a series of weekend sports and health camps. Through these camps we aim to improve family health in the Palmdale, Lancaster, and surrounding communities, which have some of the highest incidences of childhood obesity, low exercise levels, and poor nutrition. Camp events combine fun, creative, and often silly and humorous basketball/soccer drills and yoga techniques with interactive health education sessions about nutrition, sports medicine topics, a mobile health team offering blood pressure, glucose, and other testing and vaccinations to meet sports team requirements, and opportunities for free or subsidized sports physical examinations. Our target audience for this workshop is youths from ages 7-11; camps are girls-only, boys-only, or mixed gender depending on location and interest, with a preference for offering girls’ camps when demand is sufficient. Each camp includes 50 children total sports participants and 100 additional family members as health activity and basic needs aid recipient participants. As part of the camps, we also check on families to ensure their basic needs are met with food, clothing, and refurbished electronic devices (donated used laptops, tablets, and/or smartphones), providing them opportunities to receive these items to address social determinants of health. The camp project is a natural next step to the ongoing activities from Margarita Humanitarian Foundation for health education and care, food and basic needs, and physical activity.

Basketball drills will include dribbling, passing, defensive positioning, offensive positioning, and challenges. As well as, positive self “Trash Talk”

  • Mental health component: instead of trash-talking opponents you use the same techniques for self-motivation. Learn self-esteem building techniques like always lifting your head up, saying “Good job” to other people and yourself,

Yoga sessions:

  • Athletes are not only masters of their bodies but also of their minds. Yoga is a great performance enhancer as it merries both physical and mental skills. Yoga sessions would include sequences to improve flexibility, balance, and core strength. At the end of the session, breathing exercises and meditation will be conducted to not only help with endurance, but as well as performance anxiety and concentration.

Soccer drills will include straight cone dribble drill, one on one controlled dribble drill, random dribble drill, and a musical dribble drill.

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