Health Disparities

1st Event People of Color- Click here to watch the pre-recorded live feed of the workshop!

2nd event People of Color with Ohana center will be taking an virtual experience via zoom. That would be happening 9/22/21 at 5pm.

Health disparities prevents people of color to reach their optimal health by being categorize in groups which are: gender, sexual orientation, disability , race, immigrant status , income ,and level of education. With these factors it inhibits barriers for people of color to experience day -to- day struggles that shouldn't be given. But because of these health disparities it creates a negative impact on there health and things such as level of income, financial stability , environment and food access creates stress in low income communities that surrounds their environment to be unhealthy. With this workshops it brings awareness by listening to the community as well as taking the initiative of educating people of color to take the steps of making a solution to fix these issues one step at a time!