Mentorship-Focused Internships

Margarita Humanitarian Foundation offers internships to anyone seeking career-building experience for their resume. Mentorship is a key part of all internships: we give you close

Internship Positions Available

Currently we offer the following internships:

  • Community Service Club Organizer Intern: Coordinate with community service clubs at your high school or college to collect items for people in need. For example, set up drop-off boxes for coat drives and book drives. Bring items to our office for sorting and distribution to local people in need.

  • Computer Technician Intern: Set up computers in our community computer room for families to use. Connect power and ethernet cables. Install Windows, macOS, and/or Ubuntu Linux on the computers. Prepare instruction sheets explaining how to use the computers.

  • Event Planner Intern: Help with events under the mentorship and guidance of one of MHF's Program Coordinators. Collect and confirm RSVPs. Help coordinate event logistics. Help sit at the sign-in tables, greeting guests as they walk in.

  • Grant-Writing Intern: Help one or more of MHF's Program Coordinators revise and improve grant applications for their outreach programs. Edit grant applications for language, content, and typos. Research available grants and learn the nonprofit grant-writing process.

  • Graphic Design Intern: Learn to use programs such as Canva and Inkscape to design graphics for signage, banners, business cards, badges, flyers, and more.

  • Public Health Educator Intern: Help MHF's Health Education Program Coordinator with presentations. Prepare new presentations on health topics. Find and curate useful health factsheets from the CDC and other reputable sources for our community, and print them for health education events.

  • Social Media Marketing Intern: Learn social media strategies from the rest of the MHF social media team. Learn to create catchy social media graphics with Canva. Post to Instgram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

  • Software Engineer Intern: Help us with various coding tasks ranging from web/mobile app development to automation of Google Form submission notifications.

  • Tutoring Intern: Tutor students ages 13+ in subjects of your choice, either in-person or remotely.

  • Photography Intern: Take photos at MHF events using a mobile phone and/or DSLR or other camera. Post photos to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms in collaboration with the social media team.

  • Video Recording/Editing Intern: Take videos at MHF events using a mobile phone or other camera. Live-stream on Instagram Live, Facebook Live, TikTok, and other platforms. Edit videos and create interesting video compilations.

  • Youth Program Intern in Art: Help kids and teens at art programs in collaboration with our partners. Encourage them when they are stuck and don't know what to draw or paint.

  • Youth Program Intern in Sports: Collaborate with the MHF Program Coordinator for Youth Programs to create a sports-themed event for kids or teens, such as a basketball skills day where kids do drills to practice dribbling, passing, and more. Come up with fun mini-contests for the event with prizes. Show kids and teens the fun and value of sports for health.

  • Youth Program Intern in Health: Help the MHF Program Coordinator for Youth Programs develop strategies to improving access to healthcare for kids and teens.

Other internships are also available. Tell us your interests and career goals, and we'll see what we can do to help you build an internship for you.

Community Service-Based

Internships with MHF are an opportunity to gain valuable career experience while doing charity work to help people in need.

As we are a registered 501(c)(3) public charity serving people in need, internship hours can be counted toward most school or court requirements for community service.

Volunteer Roles

At this time, internships are currently unpaid volunteer roles. We hope to offer paid internships in the future, but right now as a charity on a tiny budget, we don't have enough funding to do so.

We can at least promise that your work will go toward helping people truly in need.

Time Commitment

Internships involve a commitment of 2-3 hours per day or 10-15 hours per week.


We offer:

  • Fully or partly-remote internship positions

  • In-person internships at our Palmdale, CA office or at various locations throughout the Antelope Valley