Humanitarian Clinic

Providing care to people who need it the most.

Afraid to see a doctor? Haven't gone to the doctor in years due to the cost? We can help.

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Margarita Humanitarian Foundation wants to ensure that all individuals in our community have access to healthcare, from low-income families, undocumented individuals, or any individual in need of any health service. We strongly believe everyone should have access to medical care despite their social, environmental, and economic inequities.

We strive to ensure that all individuals have the opportunity to receive the best care possible. Our goal is to diminish the amount of health disparities and bring an end to the most prevalent social and economic issues preventing individuals from seeking healthcare.

We want to make receiving care accessible and comfortable.

If you have any health concerns, we welcome you to please reserve a consult below. It takes 1o minutes and can make a difference in your both your health and wellness.

Volunteer Preceptors Wanted: All It Takes Is 1-4 Hours Per Week

Doctors, NPs, PAs, Therapists, Counselors, & Psychologists : Donate Your Time

We are looking for physicians, NPs, PAs, therapists, counselors, and psychologist, to volunteer for 1-4 hours per week with our Humanitarian Clinic program by digital or in-person methods. With the pandemic, we want to focus on telemedicine and video visits.

At this stage we particularly need expertise with primary care, although specialties and other health and wellness services will be very helpful as we grow the program and expand our resources. We are hoping to establish a well-rounded clinic and include free counseling, information on mental health resources and services, nutrition counseling, and more.

Scheduling is flexible and based on your availability.


  • Current Medical Board of California license

  • Fluency in English or Spanish

Partners: Let's Work Together

We are developing a humanitarian clinic with the intention to create a space for healthcare providers including doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners, and other professionals to provide health and wellness services by digital or in-person methods to local patients and patients all around the world.

Our primary goal is to provide clinical humanitarian care with a personal approach to patient education.

We do our best to be generous partners and collaborators:

  1. Sharing everything we create with other community organizations in our area and soon around the world. We share ideas and get feedback from one another.

  2. Helping other nonprofits grow and strengthen their existing humanitarian programs, building friendships and solidarity with their teams

  3. Always uplifting community organizations through kindness and support, rather than competing with them

As a partner in particularly the humanitarian clinic, organizations get the opportunity to share this free clinic with their clients, and vice-versa. If you have an organization that aligns with what we do, we would love for you to share your services with us. We all have the same vision of wanting to make the world a better place, by helping one another. Therefore, collaborating with our partners is something we take very seriously with open arms. To get started please email, or call, (661)526-5236