Electronics for Families


Margarita Humanitarian Foundation Supports the Leaders of Tomorrow

Apply to Receive a Free Device

Margarita Humanitarian Foundation is working to help low-income families everywhere around the world get equal access to technology.

We strive to ensure that all students in our community receive the best education possible and have all the resources needed to succeed. If your child or teen is in need of a laptop, smartphone, or tablet for school, please fill out the form below.

Donating a Device

Did you recently buy a new laptop and are looking for a way to make use of your old one?

Do you have a tablet at home you no longer use?

Did you upgrade to a new smartphone and have no use for your old one?

Help the youth in our community by donating your old devices to those in need. Your device can help an individual apply to college, build their resume for a job, and even aid them in raising their GPA. If you're interested in donating devices,

Questions? Please give us a call at 661-526-5236 or email us at hi@mhfcares.org.

Partner to Reduce Electronic Waste

We're looking to partner with environmental and climate change groups to work together on this program. Contact us if you can help us in any way.

Refurbishing electronic devices and giving them to families to use is far better than giving it to an electronics recycler. The NPR article After Dump, What Happens To Electronic Waste? reveals what happens when electronics are "recycled": basically, they're shipped overseas and taken apart by workers without protective equipment.