Operations Leadership Team

Zi Rivas

Executive Director

Audrey M. Roy Greenfeld

Executive Director- Sabbatical Leave

Audrey is responsible for the overall vision and day-to-day operations leadership of MHF. She oversees program development, fundraising, strategic planning, and open-source software development.

She has 10 years of experience in nonprofit leadership, and 20 years of experience in the software industry, from software engineering to executive leadership.

Previously in the nonprofit world, she was a founder and president of the international nonprofit org PyLadies, developing the original vision, website, kit for new chapter organizers, and leading initial grant-writing and fundraising. She was also the author and maintainer of Cookiecutter, a free and open-source software project now community-run with roughly a million downloads a month.

Professionally, she was a VP of Engineering at a tech company overseeing 150+ engineers and software architects. She also co-wrote one of the leading reference books for the Django web framework and has given keynote speeches at free software conferences around the world.

Angela Chahine

Program Coordinator, Humanitarian Youth Programs

Angela received her Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences at the University of California Irvine and later continued her education at San Francisco State University, taking graduate-level courses to further her biological sciences background. She eventually plans to join the medical field as a physician to ensure that every individual feels as though they are being understood and receive the best medical care possible.

Angela is in charge of development of our at-promise youth programs. She coordinates with local and global nonprofits to identify and address unmet needs, such as access to healthcare, technology, education, and food resources. Her goal is to allow children in need to have a safe space where their needs are being heard and actions are being taken. She hopes to aid MHF in the process of breaking the cycle of violence, drug use, and poverty to guide teen to a better future.

Alondra Cortes

Program Coordinator, Humanitarian Clinic

Alondra is responsible for the humanitarian clinic startup. She envisions a clinic that provides essential care to individuals who have limited access or barriers to receive healthcare within our community, but also hopes to expand and help individuals all around the world. She has a deep compassion for caring for people and their well-being, and strongly believes in patient education and "leaving no patient behind."

Coming from a Mexican-immigrant family , Alondra has experienced firsthand the inequities in medical due to low socio-economic status and language barriers. This has shaped her aspirations to help care for the medically indigent and uninsured individuals.

She graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry in 2017, became a Certified Phlebotomy Technician I in 2020, and is currently a first year medical student at the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara School of Medicine.

She has an interest in preventative medicine, fighting mental health, women's health, and community research focused on exploring ways to eliminate health disparities.

Rosalyn Bowen

Program Coordinator, Health Education and Fundraising

Rosalyn is responsible for the development of Health Education programs serving the community. Health presentations and workshops take place at a variety of locations throughout the Antelope Valley and remotely, to make it as easy as possible for various community groups to attend.

She is also in charge of fundraising, which includes overseeing direct fundraising and in-kind donations, helping set goals and ensure that donations benefit underserved groups to the maximum extent possible. As fundraising lead she also coaches and mentors staff members on fundraising strategies and grant applications for their programs, in conjunction with the executive director.

Rosalyn started as a Summer Fellow in 2021 but is now a staff team member. She graduated from Cal State University, Los Angeles in May 2021. She received her Bachelors in Public Health and is using her degree to uplift her community on bring awareness to health related complications that affect the barriers that minorities face in day-to-day living. Rosalyn loves what she does and is willing to change the community one step at a time!

Part-Time Operations Leadership Team

Daniel A. Roy Greenfeld

Director of Human Resources and Finance

Daniel is responsible for all HR and finance operations at MHF. He has a passion for process automation and has set up our payroll and reimbursement systems to run on auto-pilot. He also reviews our financial records for accuracy, generates profit-and-loss reports, handles taxation matters, and oversees implementation of our donation systems. He does all of this entirely as an unpaid volunteer as his way of giving back.

By day he is Director of Engineering at the certified B corp Octopus Energy US, where he leads software teams on the development of a platform for renewable energy utility companies who care about transparency and the environment. He has a passion for climate action and sees climate issues as multifaceted, encompassing not just green energy but also humanitarian issues affecting vulnerable populations first, especially rural desert communities.