About Us

Margarita Humanitarian Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit public charity. Our mission is to develop high-impact ways to help underserved and marginalized groups. With various programs in the Antelope Valley region and the start of global laptop distribution and humanitarian clinic programs, we're working to help families who need help the most.

We're thinking at scale: whatever we develop locally becomes a free kit for other nonprofits globally to use, and building apps helps us scale local efforts to help families in need around the world.

Margarita Humanitarian Foundation was originally founded in 2019 as a humanitarian medical clinic. In July 2021, our focus expanded to identifying and addressing the most critical community needs in Antelope Valley, as a humanitarian organization that goes beyond medical care to whole family support: youth and elder programs, help getting food and technology, and more.

With the global picture in mind, our app partnerships include collaborative efforts on one of the top cognitive-behavioral peer therapy chat apps from the University of Washington and a forthcoming coping skills app from experts in childhood education and therapy for families of color.

We're working to establish new partnerships with schools, nonprofits, the government, and local community leaders. Our goal is to help the individuals and communities who need help most. We're particularly interested in setting up new programs to make a difference in the lives of youth, particularly for low-income families.

With a large facility consisting of multiple rooms across two professional office suites, we have the space for youth mentorship, tutoring for students in need, technology rooms for community members who otherwise wouldn't have access to computers, and other humanitarian services that volunteers and partner orgs can offer. The facility was graciously donated to us by Roy Medical Group.

We're still seeking funding for operations: we're running on a shoestring budget and learning the fundraising and grant-seeking process.

Want to collaborate with us or volunteer? Call or email us to book a video meeting with our team today!