Kindness First

Margarita Humanitarian Foundation helps those who need help the most.

Help us help families in need.

We're Here for You

Hi! We are a humanitarian organization with free services for anyone in need. We offer youth mentorship, health education workshops, career workshops, help using a computer or phone to get social services, healthcare, and food, and more.

We care about helping you, no matter your background, race, gender, age, weight, income level, disability status, religion, or sexual orientation. We serve all age groups from youth to seniors. You don’t have to have any ID, insurance, or even a phone number or address.

Margarita Humanitarian Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit public charity. Our mission is to develop high-impact ways to help underserved and marginalized groups. With programs in the Antelope Valley region and globally, we help families who need help the most, addressing the needs of the whole family from youths to elders with kindness and love.

Our Facilities

We’re setting up our Palmdale, California office as a humanitarian community center. It'll have computers for families to use, rooms for student mentorship and career coaching, a large space for workshops, multipurpose offices for volunteers to share, and even a relaxation room.

Building Bridges and Helping People

Health Education for the Underserved

Student Mentorship and Workshops

Partnerships With Nonprofits

We are currently seeking partnerships with nonprofit organizations in the Antelope Valley, Los Angeles, and Kern County to help those most in need.

We are also actively seeking partnerships with nonprofits throughout California, the United States, and around the world.

Hi prospective partners! Our primary focus for partnerships is helping people in the greatest need, such as students experiencing homelessness or foster care, young mothers having trouble getting healthcare for their families, low-income seniors struggling with the isolation of the pandemic, and anyone else who has nowhere to turn and needs help.

Our Pledge to Partner Organizations

We do our best to be generous partners and collaborators:

  1. Sharing everything we create with other community organizations in our area and soon around the world

  2. Helping other nonprofits grow and strengthen their existing humanitarian programs, building friendships and solidarity with their teams

  3. Always uplifting community organizations through kindness and support, rather than competing with them